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In divenire

We are here now, we are light that illuminates the darkness, we are energy of passage, we are explosions in the eyes, in the minds, in the hearts of others.


We are along the path, along the life. The road and what presents us is the meaning. That road is ourselves.

Future denied

This devastated actuality chews our humanity, taking away from ourselves, we must unmask it and have the courage to be.

War is not elsewhere

The death and pain of the innocent is not elsewhere, but in the daily life of our consciences, it follows and condemns us.

Factory memories

The sunset of the investigation, of the thought that it generated, left a deafening and icy silence produced by the abnormal noise of information, relegating the human in frustrating isolation. We are "data" adrift in the existential digitization of goods.

From the window

We are closed in us, but we can look outside, in the world, discover something else from ourselves. We can see a painting, see through it its opinion of the world and enter into an intimate dialogue.

Publications and collections

Some professional experiences.