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Line, gesture and matter

Vincent van Gogh, Cornfield with Ravens Flight, 1890   Up to now, in this blog, I have introduced the spatio-temporal trends of composition (https://www.danilosantinelli.it/danilos-blog/spatio-temporal-trend-of-the-composition/), the aspects of basic geometric forms (https://www.danilosantinelli.it/danilos-blog/aspects-of-basic-geometric-shapes/) and the aspects of colour (https://www.danilosantinelli.it/danilos-blog/color-aspects/), all of which are fundamental to conducting the analysis of a visual text from a grammatical point of view, given that, as has already been said several times, images use their own grammar that allows them to express themselves and make clear to […]

Linea, gesto e materia

Vincent van Gogh, Campo di grano con volo di corvi, 1890   Sino ad ora, all’interno di questo blog, ho introdotto gli andamenti spazio-temporali della composizione (https://www.danilosantinelli.it/danilos-blog/andamenti-spazio-temporali-della-composizione/), gli aspetti delle forme geometriche di base (https://www.danilosantinelli.it/danilos-blog/aspetti-delle-forme-geometriche-prime/) e gli aspetti del colore (https://www.danilosantinelli.it/danilos-blog/aspetti-del-colore/), tutti elementi, questi, fondamentali per condurre l’analisi di un testo visivo dal punto di vista grammaticale, dato che, come già più volte detto, le immagini si avvalgono di una propria grammatica che ne consente l’espressione,  palesando all’occhio dello spettatore […]

4 – Of minority feeling

Tiziano Veccellio, Supplizio di Marsia (detail), 1570-76   The present intervention is aimed at reconnecting those threads historically broken by the intervention of modernism first and, subsequently, by the definitive cultural deconstruction conducted by postmodernism. It is therefore good, first of all, to conduct a rapid re-examination of the historical-artistic events that have taken place within the contemporary world. As already mentioned, the eighteenth-century body is indelibly marked by the intervention of the Enlightenment, which, through a rationalistic-scientific approach, turns […]