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The alphabetical roots of the illustration

Giovan Battista Zelotti, Allegory of Libra (particolre), Villa Emo in Fanzolo, dressing room of the grotesques, c. 1565.   When the dungeons (caves) of Nero’s Domus Aurea were found in Rome around 1480, the effect on the painters of the time, and Raphael in particular, was a harbinger of unstoppable changes for the future visual alphabet. Those caves had, in fact, wall decorations which combined arboreal and floral elements with animal or human presences, often giving rise to beings of […]

Le radici alfabetiche dell’illustrazione

Giovan Battista Zelotti, Allegoria della Bilancia (particolre), Villa Emo a Fanzolo, camerino delle grottesche, 1565 ca.   Quando furono rinvenuti a Roma attorno al 1480 i sotterranei (le grotte) della Domus Aurea di Nerone, l’effetto procurato sui pittori dell’epoca, e in particolare su Raffaello, fu foriero di mutamenti inarrestabili per il futuro alfabeto visivo. Quelle grotte presentavano, infatti, delle decorazioni parietali che coniugavano elementi arborei e floreali a presenze animali o umane, dando spesso origine a esseri dalla natura ibrida, […]

2 – The process of abstraction in the contemporary age

Piero della Francesca, Nativity, 1460-1475 (detail)   In 1925 Franz Roh (1890-1965) theorized Magic Realism (Nach-Expressionismus – magischer Realismus: Probleme der neuesten europäisches Malerei, Leipzig, Klinkhardt & Biermann), stating that painting had the task of opposing the vague and demonic flow of existence. The pictorial representation therefore had to crystallize the volumes, making them solid, immutable and timeless. The works belonging to Magic Realism, and to the previous pictorial experiences that generated it (Metaphysics in particular), owe that sense of […]